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Crystals warehousing facility is built keeping in mind complete logistics solution for the customer. The facility is equipped to handle products of all temperature ranges, i.e. Frozen, Chilled, Ambient and Dry. Along with storage, the facility has dedicated space for customer offices, rest area for drivers and helpers. Crystal facility also has plug-in support for refrigeration units of trucks. The key features of Crystal warehouse are as follows.

Crystal is always on the forefront in exploration of ways to provide excellent service to its customers. With the same view Crystal has entered into a strategic partnership with Coldstore Urk BV, Netherlands for management and operations of its cold storage facility. Coldstore Urk is a pioneer in cold storage and warehousing business in Netherlands and brings with it, its expertize, operational and technical know-how.

Warehousing is a constraint requirement for most firms that produce, import, export or transit goods. Many people may it as an optional investment, but it can save the property and heighten their productivity. A warehouse supplies the patrons a more reliable command over their inventory and assures that clients will obtain their goods on time, which eventually points to higher profits. Crystal's co-operation of warehouse cold storage designates innovative technologies that have made it expedient for patrons to conserve fresh, perishable foods items without putting the quality of the products at danger.

Why Crystal Warehouse Service?

Crystal has constantly been a champion in interpreting various methods to implement superior assistance to its patrons and their cold warehousing India facility is established to achieve logistics explications for the consumers. Crystal group offers cold storage and refrigerated warehousing by employing state-of-the-art heat-regulated containers. Unlike other third-party logistics providers, crystal warehouse service is very cost-effective and aids the need for value-added assistance such as repack services and stabilization.

Crystal's Service for cold storage includes various kinds of refrigerated storage, from private units to whole dedicated facilities. Some of these types are-

Refrigerated Containers:

These containers are the most basic and frequently the most value-effective alternative for chilled warehousing of inadequate numbers of temperature delicate stocks. They are portable and such fact proffers the benefit of added adaptability and flexibility.

Blast Freezers And Chillers:

Blast freezers and chillers are excellent for firms who necessitate to instantly cool and stock food. It’s ideal for extravagant eateries and catering corporations.

Cold Rooms:

Cold rooms are again one of the most famous categories of warehouse cold storage. They are a more comprehensive room-like alternative to store items.

Pharmaceutical Grade Storage:

Dispensaries and experimentation organizations may make utilization of pharmaceutical-grade refrigerated warehouse segments. These complements are furnished with special characteristics that execute them the perfect container for biopharmaceuticals, plasma, and special vaccines.

Plant-Attached Cold Storage:

This type of cold storehouse is a classic alternative for some companies that need to retain their raw storage in the residence. Stocks can be conveyed via cots directly from the building center to a cold warehouse building.

Custom Cold Storage Facilities:

Many firms have multiple requirements based on the quality of their stocks and the desires of their final customers. Those who wish to withdraw the expense of an on-site convenience can employ a custom or assigned refrigerated warehouse amenity afforded by a 3PL.

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