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Crystal Logistic Cool Chain Ltd is a complete logistics and supply chain service provider. Crystal is one of the largest and fastest growing service providers in the integrated cold chain logistics solution space. Crystal provides services such as refrigerated warehousing (cold storages), refrigerated transportation on a pan-India network. Always on the cusp of innovation, Crystal also provides solutions such as express refrigerated transportation for LTL (less than truck load) consignments and portable cold storages. Crystal boasts to be the only company in the country to provide complete range of services with such wide gamut of solutions in the cold chain logistics industry.Crystal traces its origin back in 1962, promoted by Mr. Murari Lal Agarwal began operations under the name M/S Harayana Transport Company. The company, primarily a transport service provider under the able leadership achieved great success and built its reputation in the market. The company has exponentially grown since then and began its cold chain operations in 2001 and has been one of the largest and fastest growing player ever since.

Crystal Group: Enjoy Top-Class Warehouse Facility and Enjoy A Multitude Range of Cold Storage Service

More than 50 years of excellence in the industry of cold transport India, Crystal Group has constantly been one of the champion warehouse services providers. This cold chain logistics company fulfills the need for cold storage in both individual and enterprise purposes by accommodating stocks in the warehouse facility and also by providing portable cold store containers for short and long term hire. Crystal is one of the most far-reaching and fastest developing co-operation providers and the service employs innovative technologies to conserve fresh, perishable food items discarding the chance of spoilage and deliver them to the patrons safely.

Crystal cold chain logistics company serves manifold purposes regarding food preservation and transportation service. To avail, please contact @ +91 7738160595, or you can make an inquiry at https://www.crystalgroup.in/business.aspx to know further about the cold chain logistic services.

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What are the Services Provided by Crystal Logistics?

Crystal is one of the most reliable cold storage companies in India and the services provided by the cooperation are-

Cold Chain Transportation

Primary, secondary and express refrigerated transportation on a pan India network.
Crystal as a cold chain logistics company serves as a DCC provider for your business progress. There is a wide divergence regarding reefer transportation that must be examined and authorized with proper guidance to make sure that goods are delivered on time and as defined. Crystal sustains transparency in its cold chain transit co-operation to let the administrators supervise the laboring practices. It also presents posthaste classifications and governance of functions to determine when or how the product is spoiled or corrupted.
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Warehouse Accommodation

State of art cold storage warehousing services for frozen, chilled and ambient products.
Crystal constantly investigates multiple approaches to execute excellent warehouse maintenance to its clients and their facility of cold storage warehouses in India, is built to deliver logistics assistance for both private and commercial needs. Crystal group imparts refrigerated warehousing by exercising cutting-edge heat-regulated containers. The warehouse service conducted by Crystal Group is very inexpensive and they also offer value-added support such as repack services and stabilization.
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Portable cold storages for Hire/Sale

Portable refrigerated store for purchase or lease, simple plug-in and play usage.
Crystal Logistic also provides portable cold store containers for short-term/long-term hire and sales. Refrigerated Storage Containers are outstanding amenities to preserve fruits & vegetables, and also other products such as dairy, meat, fish, pharmaceutical and many more. Storing such items in a refrigerated storage container assures the quality and freshness and further restrains the spoilage of the products.
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3pl solutions

Complete solutions for primary and secondary transportation, warehousing and distribution.
Crystal through its team of operation specialists and data-driven experts provide solutions that helps your companies’ requirements for essential warehousing & distribution or end-to-end supply chain network management.The third party logistics process begins with analysis of your operational capacities and followed with creation of customized solutions to meet your business needs.
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News & events

Crystal ICC Excellence Award

Crystal wins the ICC Excellence Award 2014

ICC is the founder member of FICCI, the apex body of business and industry in India.
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Reefer Containers

Crystal launches world class cold storage facility at Kolkata.

Crytal launches a state of the art cold storage facility in the heart of Kolkata.