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Integrated Cold Chain Solutions


For about 60 years, we have partnered with many companies across industries to create winning strategie and solve some of the most complex problems.

One fam, One vision, THE solution

In 1962, the world saw the first astronaut orbit earth and the first satellite launched into outer space, amongst these extraordinary human feats, a company with a vision was born in the logistics segment. Fast Forward to 2022, we are on the precipice of taking on the entire supply Chain Industry.

We protect. We ensure. We are family.

Fast forward your solution development with smart infrastructure, fleet management, cold chain, warehousing, transmodal delivery, integrated hub solutions through NEST and secure your cargo.

Crystal Containers

Forget what you know about refrigerated containers. With Containers you do not only buy a box with a compressor in it, you buy an experience that cannot be replaced. Your storage space is now easy to move, easy to use, cost-efficient, insightful, modular and an absolute beauty to behold.


  • Buyback/Exchange
  • Multi Modal-Air
  • Quicker Response Time (QRT)
  • >100 Checkpoints Quality Standards.
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • End to end support
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Crystal Warehouse

With great network comes great availability! With over 70,000 pallets available pan-India and an additional 20,000 pallets in the making, we have your storage needs covered across seasons.

Ambient, cold or frozen, name your requirement and we'll fulfill it.


  • WMS enabled
  • Cost efficient
  • Modular
  • Insightful
  • Latest tech
  • Certified
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Get Smart and let's Chill
with Amphtech

Follow the breadcrumb trails of your cargo through our AmphTrack and WMS integration, eat ease.
Introducing our Smart Solutions to simplify your Supply Chain process

  • Track & Control at the touch of a button
  • Subscription plans to ensure your cargo is always secure in our Reefer and Non-reefer temperature requirements.
  • Got your own warehouse or have your own system? Let's help you port.
  • Complete cloud solutions to boost your efficiency.
  • Never miss an alert with 24/7 monitoring capability and 24/7 maintenance creq availability Pan-India.
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We constantly bring innovation in our operations, products and services, as businesses require data to help optimize their production and storage cycles.

Customer Centric

We understand that the product is a key part of your business strategy and we offer solutions that are in line with your business goals, in order to always be a step ahead.


Once shipped, your valuable products are now in a third party’s hand. Our software gives you a complete visibility of your products, from the second it leaves your door.


Name a place and we are there. We cater to your ever-changing needs with modular products that fit your business across locations and help you achieve your target growth, together.


A complete storage solution requires a lot more than a space to store. As the leading solution provider, we have MoUs across industries to meet all storage dependencies under one roof.


Our experienced team is in constant contact with you from the beginning till we conclude and beyond. We care about your growth, as we want to grow with you!

Your smart solution for storage needs always a step ahead!

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Storage Solutions

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